“Être la nature,” be nature is the philosophy that defines Altanure. Natural surroundings molded by the hands and fingerprints of humans, create a haven to reconnect with nature and find balance and harmony within.

The source of inspiration that preceded the creation of the Altanure spaces was the desire to be part of a territory where the calls of the natural environment could coexist and reflect the most essential needs of each one of us.

A land finds its strength in respecting the specificity of the local natural values. Exchanges take place in a fluid way so as to keep the imprints of a constructive and fulfilling experience.


A flourishing experience where the powerful embrace of Nature provides ground to the essence of being.

In Altanure, immersed in Nature, there are 2 houses each with their own unique character to be explored in a common philosophy of life: “be Nature”, meditations, relaxation and sharing of regenerative knowledge between science and ancestral traditions.

Casa Terra
Eco Boutique Hotel

Casa Terra is a contemporary house built with traditional earth techniques. 

Quinta Sol d’Água
Countryside Cottage

Quinta Sol d’Água is a century old traditional farmhouse. 

Book Casa Terra or Quinta Sol d’Água or contact us to get more Information:


Find the light of your inner garden 

Be Nature is the Nature of Being. 

Be Nature and awaken your essential well being.

Study and practices are the source of understanding who we are. Finding authenticity is a unique journey.

We all have different ways to reach the source of joy.